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MC Adore Presents: Musical!Fever (Musical!Fever for short) is a series of music videos hosted by MC Adore from the

Nintendo video game series Rhythm Heaven. This series replaces the old Musical Selections series. In addition to original music video episodes, this series also includes all of the Attraction videos.


  • This is the first somewhat original "series" to be uploaded to the channel, since the channel primarily consisted of video game playthroughs and commentaries.
  • The name Musical!Fever stems from the video game "Rhythm Heaven: Fever" and also Musical Selections. Many of the episodes of the main series as well as the Channel Attraction videos borrow elements from Rhythm Heaven: Fever, such as MC Adore herself being the main character and MC of the show. The acronym, M!F, is similar to MtF, which describes BlueGator, as she is a transgender woman. Hence, MtF & M!F.
  • As seen in the Intro Episode, MC Adore has a dance move that mimics the way DJ's handle music discs at dance clubs. It should be noted that MC Adore never danced in the original video game, though she did sing quite a bit. As a result, her dancing may be seen as a bit crude.
  • As revealed in S02E03, MC Adore was once a part of the Marcher Brigade. She was Marcher #4, while the other Marchers are Mary (#1), Cher (#2), and Deidra (#3), all three being triplet sisters.


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